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It has been great learning pleasure for Ethan to have all the friendly teachers whom showed continuous guidance and unconditional love. He has improved in all ways especially his mandarin. This has paved him for a strong foundation to a new Chinese primary school. And he loves reading as a result of the teachers’ encouragement. I have to give all the credits to the teachers for that. Thank you very much.


Caitlyn seems to have developed from a extremely shy and quiet kid to a kid with more confidence, probably due to her performance at the year end concert. Our initial objective was to have her socialise with her peers at a conductive environment, I think we have achieved that as she has made good friends there.


Ryan was with TPS since he was 3 ½ and we have been happy with the principles of teaching in building character, instead of focusing just on academics. He has learnt a lot since and I appreciate the teacher’s assistance in overcoming many obstacles. My top 3 testimony for TPS : Understanding, Building Parent-teacher relationship and Listening & ‘Shoulder to cry on’...... I am sure Ryan will remember TPS as his foundation of fun and growing pains, and that made him the happy and confident boy he is today. We definitely did. Lastly, I personally appreciate TPS in engaging parents to participate in school activities, such as my own story telling session. I definitely enjoyed sharing my experience with the children.

Poh Peng

A big thank you to you and your staff for the love, care and guidance that you have given to my son DWei throughout his one year limited schooling experience in TPS.

As you would agree, I have observed and realized tremendous improvement in DWei on his focus and reading skills post TPS. He is also more confident now than before which i believe will enhance his preparation for his primary school experience. Thank you TPS

Father of DWei

My Husband and I are very happy with TPS. Out interaction with the teachers is fantastic. The teachers take a very personal interest in our son and daughter’s well being. More importantly, both my kids love the school and enjoy it alot. Besides academics, we really appreciate the character building program where parent and teacher work hand in hand to foster the right values in our children.

Yoke Khoon

When we arrived from Japan, my children only speak Japanese. Now my eldest son writes and reads English and Mandarin. My daughter enjoys singing in English. Their teaching methods are extremely effective. Also they teach children not only to read and write, but they focus on social and emotional development as well. We are very pleased with their progress!!

Teruya Yumi

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to you team. The positive influence on Aidan has been remarkable. We are so proud of how confident he has become and developing his love for music, singing and performing. You have all empowered his growth. And to a young child, this is a monumental milestone in his life. Thank you and God bless.

Adeline & Steven

We want to thank you and appreciate TPS for nurturing Lucas. He has grown out of his inhibitions and have so much confidence. I overheard him saying to himself “I am doing very well”. I know it is the positive spirit you poured into him just like you do all around. Keep up the good work!! Kudos.

Matt & Lisa

Our son began studying in Taska Precious Steps since he was 4 years old. The three developmental years spent in TPS has resulted in a more confident, expressive, responsible and independent boy. He has also developed a love for learning and made some good friends too. We are grateful to the principal, Ms Kitty and Mr. Chin who, as a team, are very hands-on and know each child by name, for a team of competent and passionate teachers, even for the cheerful and loving kakaks! Thank you for your passion and dedication!

Danny and Crystal

Thank you for your hugs and love for Austen, and being such an important part of our move back to Malaysia. Austen will miss you when he moves up to Sri KDU.

Adele, Daniel & Austen

Andrew improved in his reading reading. He began to like art and craft, and more willing to participate in sports after attending school. I am grateful that the teachers at TPS have shown so much care and attention in teaching Andrew.

Lee Khoon

It’s our great pleasure to share with you our experience in TPS. It’s like just yesterday that we enrolled Cheng Xin to TPS and I still remember her big smile face when I picked her up that day. She truly enjoyed her time in the new school with a lot of new friends playing together. Cheng Xin was a bit underweight and picky eater before however she likes Kakak Lisa’s cooking and now she is one of the tallest students in the class 🙂

We can see her improvement, academic or behavioral, in school or at home. She started bringing home with ideas of how to recycle bottles, toilet rolls etc. And she reminded us too (shame on us…) for not bringing the recycle bag some time. What’s more, she has a group of close friends (her daycare buddies) which she treasures the most the friendship. Sincere thanks to TPS for creating such a fond memories for Cheng Xin’s early years.

With best regards,


Bea spent 18 months at Precious Steps and loved every minuet of it. She learnt so much and under the care and guidance of the teachers has developed into an independent and confident child with strong values. As parents we always felt supported and well informed at all times and were always included in her education. We feel that her time at Precious Steps has given her the initial skills in life to cope and she has settled well into her new school easily and the new teachers comment on her confident personality and independence. Kitty’s nursery offers a warm, caring and nurturing environment in which a child can develop and learn and we feel that every child should benefit from this experience, we are so grateful of the time the time Bea spent there.

Katie Kendrick

We would like to thank you for all your time and effort in taking care of Jayden over the last few years.

We first sent him to Precious Steps when he was only 16 months in Jan 2010. Initially he had separation anxiety and would cry every time we left him to head for work. You were there to tell us that it is ok and he would be fine. For sure after about 1-2 weeks, he looked forward to going to school. We felt that the methods and techniques used to settle little children under the Montessori base environment must be really working for Jayden.

Jayden being our first born, and as such we with no prior child care experience, found it rather challenging. Furthermore we had high expectation for him to succeed in life, even at the early age of 2. When Jayden’s highly anxious and energetic self was able to settle right into the Precious Steps environment, we knew that it must be the right place for him.

I recall sometime after Jayden turned 2 that we wanted to send him for an additional popular alternative method which focuses on improving memory skills. Your advise that early learning and Montessori methods is about opening up a child’s mind such that it will be a strong foundation for future (and also that money on this is better spent on going for holidays in new places where the kid’s mind is expanded through adsorbing new things) helped us decide in not pursuing this additional method. We totally agree especially after he turned 4 when we could see his deductive skills improving and working out things logically (from a biased parents’ point of view anyway !).

Now that we have moved over to Perth, the “learning through play” method is proving as critical as ever. We see Jayden enjoying kindy where he gets to learn things through fun & play. Every child should be given the opportunity to learn through this fun way; thereby developing a passion for life-long learning.

Being a high expectation mom, I found it difficult to accept that Jayden was/is a little slow in terms of literacy and numeracy; however, I am now a changed person. Even Lawrence who initially tells me to let Jayden enjoy his childhood rings a bell to everything that your school advocates for !

We truly thank you for building such a strong foundation in Jayden’s early life. This was truly evident in our most recent move to Perth, where he was adaptable and appeared resilient to the new schooling/kindy environment.

Cheers. A big thank you from,

The Chong family (Lawrence, Angie, Jayden & Jaelyn)

Erin Foo Czi Ern was only 4 years old when she first enrolled at TPS in 2013. She was rather shy around people especially strangers and hardly speak up in public. I still remember when she first participated in a Christmas concert in a church in TTDI, she was afraid. Her grandmother had to stand beside her on stage. Erin is a kind-hearted and loving little girl. We as parents and grandparents build her core character from birth and when she went to TPS, her dedicated teachers further help to guide her, and teach her to be a good person and a good student. It is a holistic experience for Erin.

Now, Erin who is still a kind-hearted and loving little girl, has grown to be expressive, confidant and smart. We, her family, are extremely proud of what she has accomplished; making many good friends, ability to understand Chinese (read and write), perfect score in her spelling and how she proudly shine up in her Waka Waka dance performance in her final year TPS concert 2015. We are very grateful to all the hardworking and dedicated teachers in TPS for being in Erin’s early years, working together with parents, shaping and building a stronger foundation for her future. Thank you.


Elin Lim

Wow, time flies! 3-yrs ago, Rhea stepped in to TPS, and now she’s in Primary school.

First of all, thank you for putting character building as a priority in TPS. That’s probably the main reason why we trusted Rhea with you. Throughout the 3 years with TPS, we’ve seen how Rhea picked up her confidence, be it academically or socially. She enjoyed the teachers a lot. Thank you so much for your teachers who had been very patient and loving to her. She has grown matured under their guidance. And of course, she enjoyed her friends a lot too. With the impartation of good values among the kids, Rhea has found a bunch of close friends whom she can play well together, respecting and including one another.

Personally, i would like to thank Kitty. When Rhea was 4, i had a little argument with Rhea in TPS as i picked her. Rhea refused to listen to me and she was very strong. I tried to be stronger, hoping she would listen. Kitty overheard us and she came to me. After soothing Rhea, Kitty asked me to explain to Rhea gently and spend more time with her. I was very busy with my work then. I learned to put her first before my work. Since then, our relationship had gradually improved and she learnt to be more cooperative. Also, i still remember you bought a book for Rhea after i gave birth to Reuel. With the busy schedule that you have, i am grateful that you even looked into small little things as such. This little act had assured Rhea to accept Reuel well and wanted to be a good big sister.

TPS is not just another kindy to me. What you do have helped to raise a healthy child with healthy relationships in a healthy family. Thank you so much!

After she has graduated from TPS, as we drove past TTDI, she will wave at the window and whisper ” bye, my school….” with a heavy heart. It happened a few times. Can tell she misses TPS greatly. However, Rhea is now adapting well and fast in Puay Chai 2. I would love to give this credit to TPS. What you have imparted in her has helped her in every aspect of her life.

Bravo to you!!



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