Major events

Sports day


– Develop a child’s minor and major motor skill

– Promote your child’s social development by involving group activities

– Develop a healthy competitive spirit

– Build competence and confidence


Concert Day


– Nurture creative talent

– Develop stage presence and linguistic skill

– Encourage your child to share creative expression

– Recognize performers of the year and Graduation


Parent Teacher day

– Twice a year.  Meet with teachers to discuss child’s progress

– We subscribe to Google apps for education.  Progress is recorded and tracked for the entire schooling period.


Field trips


– 3 to 4 field trips a year

– Expose your child to new learning experiences.  Look for opportunities to broaden your child’s horizons.

– Children have the opportunity to listen to the thunderous roar of a tiger, or appreciate the magnificence of an elephant at a zoo.

– Field trips include trip to batik painting, a play at Gartner & Wife, Bank Negara Museum, etc

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