Development Milestone

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Developing your child’s growth.  Age 2 thru 3 is an important time in your child’s life and in the development of his brain.  It is crucial for parents to facilitate the child’s development by engaging and stimulating his intellectual growth. Here are some suggestions:

  • Encourage creative play, building and drawing.  Provide the time, tool and place for playful learning.
  • Be encouraging with discipline as appropriate.  Provide consistent guidelines.
  • Give consistent warm, physical contact to reaffirm your child’s sense of security.
  • Talk and sing to your child, during bath, before sleep or when you are driving in the car.
  • Read to your child.  Choose books that are age appropriate.
  • Expose your child to all the different languages at home.  A young child has an acute sense of hearing and will be able to pick up the different sounds and potential for learning a new language.
  • Introduce music and musical instruments to your child.  Musical skills can influence a child’s problem solving skills and  gentle temperament.
  • Avoid television and smart devices at this age.
  • Enjoy the outdoors to develop minor and major motor development.  Exercise helps to regulate a child’s physical development, coordination and growth.
  • Provide opportunity for your child to socialise with other children to develop self esteem and confidence.


We believe these guidelines will help you and your child develop into a cheerful, healthy, and intellectual child.



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